The game that started it all

Four years ago, Razmig, one of the two halves of Stax River, started to code his first iOS application. He wanted to keep the scores of all the games he played at the time. At that time, we were playing Mario Kart Wii a lot, and most games were really close. We kept thinking who was the best and obviously nobody had an honest answer for it. Time passed by, I’m not so sure how things go exactly but the app got forgotten, even though the idea was great.

Three years later, we created our own company, Stax River, and Poker Analytics, our first app, was on the market. We were thinking about what we wanted to build next. The idea of an app that kept track of games scores came back, we really wanted to rebuild the app created some time ago.

We wandered a bit on our way to build the app, building features we would later throw away, but we finally released the app in June of last year. The success has really not been there. The app is a real pain to discover, and we’ve been occupied with other projects so we haven’t spent enough time to market the app properly.

Now we are one year later, and Nintendo has just released Mario Kart 8! We’ve been playing our traditional 16 races, and it’s been a blast! The new gameplay is pretty cool, the new items are awesome but I’m not so happy with the new tracks. Anyway, after playing a full weekend we are ready to prepare the future of Score Maniac! So we have a bunch of ideas for the app, and we are going to use this blog to expose them. We really count on you to engage with us, by commenting our posts and subscribing to the mailing list if you are interested.

Let’s get this thing going!