One of the things we want to get right is usability. We’ve had some bad experiences by handling over the app to some people and ask them to note the scores of a game: “What do I do?”, “How do I do…” ? No more!

One of the things we were not really fond of was the space use when playing with just two or three players. The screen feels empty. When playing with a lot of player, it’s complicated to have a different kind of view, but for two players we think we could do things a bit differently.

Also, as you saw in the previous post, we want to add some cool sharing content. So we can mix those things into the following:

Tennis match for Score Maniac

I really like the fact that adding a round will add a line in the view. Unfortunately, for more than two players I’m afraid the view would quickly get ugly with people with long names, so we would have the more traditional view. Here is what we could have, with examples of the different kind of scoring available.

Score Maniac round view

Here are some early ideas. Tell us what you think! You can contact us directly at