Events, the essence of the game

So what makes gaming so good? It’s when a game gets more and more close and more and more intense, and then you just end up winning from an inch. Having the joy to experience such a moment requires the right players, the right game…but most of the time you also need to play long enough to bring such a moment to life, and play a lot of matches.

That’s why what we want to achieve here is the ability to group multiple matches in a single event. We’ve bring this concept in Score Maniac but honestly I think we screwed it up. It is not clearly explained and you probably need to be the developer to understand how it works.

Nevertheless, we are not desperate to make it right. We want to build that feature because we really want to see the who won the most matches in a single night, a weekend or in a year. There are a ton of different ways to build the feature. The idea we have at the moment would be to create events like intelligent playlists for those familiar with iTunes, based on filters.

So you could create an event like this:

  • The event was played on Starcraft 2
  • The event took place between the 1st and the 3rd of June

Here is how we create an event:

Dominion event creation

Dominion event creation

And here is the view of the event:

Dominion event view

Dominion event view


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